At La Scuola, we believe that teachers are the heart of a school. And while we have extremely high expectations of our teachers, we are happy to report that even our expectations are often exceeded.

Our faculty members bring not only technical expertise and impressive credentials, but a demonstrated caring and compassion for our students. In addition to helping the students discover knowledge, our faculty is instilling in them a love of learning that stays with them well after graduation.

Comprised of both Europeans and Americans, our teachers are native speakers of the main language in which they teach and are skilled in guiding students to learn in two languages. Those who received their educational training in Italy must also hold the appropriate credentials required by the Ministero dell’Istruzione, Universita’ e Ricerca (MIUR), and are required to have verbal and written fluency in the English language. Teachers who received their educational training in the USA are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in the subject area, as well as pedagogical training. Several members of the faculty hold terminal degrees from both European and American universities.

We are extremely proud of our faculty and invite you to learn more about them. Please click here for a complete list of our Pre-K and Elementary and Middle and High School faculty members.