La Scuola’s academic program flows from the confluence and the juxtaposition of the academic practices, cultures, and languages of Italy and the United States. These two traditions are complementary: they contain the deep traditions of Italy and Europe, as well as the innovative spirit of the American experience. This provides students with the cultural roots of the Italian and Western canon while exposing them to the dynamism of the modern global village that is New York City.

La Scuola students develop academic skills, but they are also taught the values necessary to live responsibly. Essential academic competencies include critical thinking, reading comprehension, creative and expository writing, public speaking and rhetoric, and the ability to interpret, synthesize, and evaluate data and information. It is also fundamental that students internalize the need to live in society as open-minded, tolerant, environmentally thoughtful citizens — citizens who will advocate for those who may be in challenging and unjust circumstances. Therefore, on an interpersonal level, it is essential that they learn to value the opinions and ideas of others by listening respectfully and providing constructive feedback. Also, in a broader sense, they learn to appreciate cultures and ideas that may differ from their own reference point.