Pre-K and K (Scuola Materna)

(Bilingual Italian/English Instruction)

La Scuola’s Preschool program encompasses the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten years and focuses on the development of the personality of the child from an intellectual, cognitive, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical standpoint.

In our bilingual environment, children are guided to acquire the ability to understand and communicate in two languages, Italian and English, thus laying the building blocks for the bilingual competence required later in their schooling.  The learning of a second language is spontaneous, since it is related to the children’s everyday experiences. Preschoolers get acquainted with the bilingual experience through a variety of activities in language, drama, art, music, science, and psychomotor projects that spur their interest and favor the learning of a second language in a playful manner.

Italian and American teachers work together, as well as independently, in constructive ways to integrate this special program. Young children are made to feel comfortable and happy in a school world that enhances the best features of two great cultures. Classes are small and provide students with caring, individualized attention.

In line with the Italian preschool tradition and best practices, exemplified in the Reggio Emilia philosophy, the preschool curriculum is focused on the development of the child’s identity, autonomy, and competence. To this end, the curriculum is articulated into five so called ‘Campi di Esperienza’, which can also be viewed as pre-disciplinary educational areas.