Model UN

At La Scuola we are proud to offer this remarkable extracurricular activity to our high-school students. La Scuola’s Model UN team has taken part in MUN conferences in 3 different continents – Europe, America and Asia.

La Scuola Model UN students prepare to attend conferences during the MUN afterschool program. Students are assigned a UN member country and a committee from the school that hosts the conference, along with particular issues from today’s headlines to be addressed. The students, referred to as delegates, prepare draft resolutions, plot strategies, study the UN charter and navigate the United Nations’ rules of procedure, practicing for months before the actual conference.

In addition to a dedicated teacher who prepares our students for the dynamics of the debates and who has accompanied our students to many such events in recent years, the UN Model Program has an academic instructor with thirty years of multidisciplinary, multicultural, and multilingual university teaching experience who explains to our students the important challenges that governmental decision-makers have to confront at a macro- level in the United Nations and domestically. These are intended to be highly formative and informative classes and are designed to  help our students to improve their participation at the UN conferences.

More importantly, still, our students will be exposed analytically to the broad public policy issues that will affect their lives in the ever more global settings they will be living in.