Tuition and Fees

A $100 non–refundable fee is required when applying to La Scuola (new students only). Once admitted, the following tuition and fees apply:

Full–Time Enrollment (All Grades)Tuition
Preschool (Pre–K to Kindergarten)$26,000$1,600
Elementary (1st-5th grade)$29,000$1,600
Middle School (6th-8th grade)$33,000$1,600
High School (9th-12th grade)$33,000$1,600

Part-Time Enrollment (Pre-K ages 3-4 only)TuitionFee
Monday–Friday (8:25 am–11:45 am)$13,000$1,600
Monday–Friday (8:25 am–12:45 pm)$15,000$1,600
Two days/week (8:25 am–2:45 pm)$10,400$1,600
Three days/week (8:25 am-2:45 pm)$15,600$1,600
Short-Term EnrollmentTuition (Monthly)Fee
Preschool (full day) $3,000$1,600
Preschool (M-F 8:25 am – 11:45 am)$1,800$1,600
Preschool (M-F 8:25 am – 12:45 pm)$2,000$1,600
Preschool (2 days/week full day)$1,500$1,600
Preschool (3 days/week full day)$2,000$1,600
Elementary School (1st–5th grade)$3,500$1,600
Middle School (6th–8th grade$3,600$1,600
High School (9th–12th grade)$3,600$1,600

Discounts and Financial Aid

All tuition discounts and financial aid are available to full-time students only.

Siblings’ Discount: Full tuition is paid for the first child. A 10% siblings’ discount is applied to the base tuition of each additional child.

Employee Discount: Children of full-time faculty and staff members are granted a 50% tuition remission. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount.

Financial Aid: Please note that financial aid is only available to families with continuing students. Families attending La Scuola for the first time, as well as families with students in Preschool and Kindergarten, are not eligible for assistance.  Applicants are required to:

  • Provide a copy of most recent income tax returns.

Applications must be received by January 12, 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year.

Tuition & Fees are set by La Scuola’s Board of Trustees and are subject to change. For more information regarding tuition and fees, please contact us at 212.369.3290 or at