Ms. Maria Cinquemani

Maria Cinquemani began working at La Scuola d’Italia in 1998. She graduated from Istituto Magistrale Martin Luther King with Diploma di Abilitazione Magistrale.

Among other academic accomplishments, Maria received certification of completion for the following:
  • Advanced Elementary Education / Philosophy
  • The Reggio approach in Early Childhood education
  • Developing project in the Reggio Emilia Atelier and Documentation Process
  • The Pleasure of Learning: Reimaging School as a Place of Inspiration, Innovation and Collaboration
  • SPARK Early Childhood
  • Program Development
  • Identifying and Preventing Child Abuse
  • Meeting Each child’s Needs
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Organization Skills for Children and Staff
  • Communication between Parents and Staff
  • Safety and Supervising Children
  • Behavior Management and Discipline
  • Young Child Expo

Maria also taught elementary school children with learning difficulties in Italy along with the collaboration with elementary school teachers of the district.

In her spare time she enjoys painting, reading, writing children books, gardening, traveling. In 2012 she successfully published a bilingual book for children.