Alumni of La Scuola d’Italia

We are proud of the thoughtful, capable and accomplished individuals who belong to La Scuola d’Italia’s alumni community. You are an essential part of our school’s history and an even more important part of our future.

“I am currently working on a PhD in Political Science and International Studies at the University of Birmingham (UK) supported by the British Economic and Social Research Council. I am also a teaching assistant in sociology. La Scuola D’Italia was an experience I could not have done without. Graduating from a Liceo Scientifico in the USA meant that upon completion I could pursue higher education virtually anywhere in the world. This was a great privilege. Not least, La Scuola passed on an appreciation for discipline which prepared me for both the hardships and the pursuit of happiness that life throws at us every day.” —Elio Di Muccio, Class of 2009

“I work at a French Start Up called DynAdmic in New York specializing in online advertising. I studied International Business at Pace University with a concentration on Latin America. La Scuola D’Italia prepared me for college and life by instilling a curiosity fueled by reason, passion and the willingness to change the world for the better.” —Bruno Fortunato, Class of 2009

“I graduated from Manhattanville College with a major in International Management, a minor in Communication and a concentration in Marketing. I’m currently a Specialist of Global Digital Marketing at MasterCard Worldwide in New York. La Scuola D’Italia helped me to develop my critical thinking and foreign language skills. These skills would later make me a more attractive business prospect and a dynamic asset to the workforce.”  —Jazmin Sagastiverza, Class of 2010

Regardless of your tenure at La Scuola, you are part of our family and we invite you to stay in touch—like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join our Linkedin Group.