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The La Scuola Development Office is responsible for all fundraising and alumni activities.

The Office works closely with the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the Advancement Committee of the Board of Trustees, the Gala Committee, the Rector, the Parents Association, the Alumni Council, and countless volunteers to secure philanthropic support and strengthen the La Scuola Community. La Scuola is a New York State not for profit corporation organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Unlike tuition fees, all contributions to the Annual Fund and Capital Campaign Fund are deductible pursuant to the prevailing tax laws. All donors to the Annual Fund and the Capital Campaign Fund receive a letter noting their gift amount, date of gift, and the disclosure that no goods or services were provided.

There are two primary ways to support La Scuola:

  1. The Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is La Scuola primary fundraising goal. The amounts collected in the annual fund help La Scuola support financial aid and merit scholarships, give grants to faculty for their professional development and is the primary engine for many of the Parents Association activities.
  2. 2015-2025 Capital Campaign Fund. Our soon to be announced Capital Campaign will be the primary driver for funding the acquisition and improvement of our new campus located at 432 West 58th Street. These amounts will enable La Scuola new facility to include several new programs and features. La Scuola is currently actively recruiting volunteers to join the founding Capital Campaign Committee. Please contact La Scuola COO if you would like to get involved.

Our goal is to increase both the participation rate and the overall amount raised by the different constituencies (i.e., students, parents, staff, Trustees, Alumni, etc). During the 2013-14 academic year the donations collected by La Scuola accounted for 3.8% of the overall revenues of La Scuola.

The decision by the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) to recognize La Scuola d’Italia with a Language Grant* and record-breaking attendance levels for our recent Gala Benefit dinners underscore the growing acknowledgement of La Scuola d’Italia’s unique role as North America’s only Nursery-12th grade educational institution to provide a bilingual and bicurricular Italian and American international education that trains students to be tomorrow’s leaders in this globalized world.

This increased participation also demonstrates the enhanced awareness of La Scuola’s ongoing efforts toward the promotion and preservation of the Italian culture and heritage here in the United States through programming that reflects the brilliance of the Italian language and culture and reaches across multiple communities and generations.

As La Scuola grows and improves its educational offerings, it is crucial that we have the continuing support of our wonderful families and all of our La Scuola Friends. Kindly download our Annual Report to learn more about La Scuola activities.

To make a gift to help La Scuola address its most urgent needs, visit or complete the Donation Form and mail it with your gift.

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*As a part of promoting Italian heritage, the NIAF supports grants to organizations, individuals, and schools that foster the development and implementation of programs in schools, communities, and organizations that encourage the teaching and practice of the Italian language.