Theater Program     

La Scuola uses theater to inspire students to express their individuality, deepen their sense of empathy, and understand their place in the world. Students learn to convey emotions in a manner that brings self-awareness, personal satisfaction and fulfillment. They gain a more universal understanding of humanity and a greater acceptance of diverse cultures.

Both the curricular and extracurricular theater programs use a pedagogical approach similar to one used to teach professional actors. The students’ own classrooms and the objects found therein are used to stage scenes. This teaches students how to closely observe the environment around them – be inventive and creative – rather than rely on obvious props. Theater games are used to help students learn how to communicate in a dramatic setting and to realize their own emotions as well as the emotions of others. The simulation of roles, settings, and dialogue, as well as the observation of the work of others, allows students to empathize with those who are different. In creating an atmosphere of non-judgmental confrontation, students develop tolerance and respect for others. Film and other visual materials are used to help illustrate the concepts taught in class and field trips to live performances and other cultural events further supplement the techniques taught.

When theater is combined with other disciplines it becomes a physiological experience. With music, the connection is so innate that the dialogue becomes connected to the musical composition. The syntactical and lexical structures of final texts are connected to the scholastic environment and are worked on in a bilingual environment with language teachers. Theater also works closely with the art department on the creation of sets and costumes for shows. La Scuola’s theater productions require the active participation of students who acquire technical skills and an aesthetic vision throughout the process to the final presentation.

For more information, please contact Massimo Zordan at mzordan@lascuoladitalia.org.