Why La Scuola d’Italia

  • Our early education programs are child-centered and inquiry-based, steeped in the Reggio-Emilia philosophy and supported by warm and nurturing teachers.
  • Our English/Italian bilingual education produces students with better cognitive and verbal skills and higher emotional and problem-solving capacity.
  • Our small class sizes ensure students receive the focused attention they need to grow and excel.
  • Comprised of both Europeans and Americans, our highly qualified teachers are native speakers of the main language in which they teach and are skilled in guiding students to learn in two languages.
  • Our rigorous curriculum and engaging co-curricular activities are intellectually stimulating, foster personal growth, and prepare students to succeed in their future academic careers.
  • Our students receive a multicultural and multidisciplinary education that gives them the international understanding and openness needed to become caring and productive global citizens.
  • Our students graduate with the critical thinking, creative and social skills necessary to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.

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