La Scuola at HRP Mamas Early Education Fair! September 16th!

La Scuola d’Italia Guglielmo Marconi participated in the 5th Annual HRP Mamas Lower Manhattan Early Education Fair on Sunday, September 16th. The fair provides an opportunity for the public to gain information, to become familiar with educational options and to meet preschool, preschool alternative directors and enrichment providers.  La Scuola was invited to participate in this year’s fair because of the unique multilingual education we provide our students. Here, La Scuola had the opportunity to share its educational philosophy and goals as well as give the parents who attended and stopped by our booth a glimpse into the vast and varied opportunities we provide our students. Eva Giannini and Ilaria Costa graciously accepted to spend a large part of their Sunday at the fair, along with the Head of School.