La Scuola’s Preschool curriculum builds on a child’s innate curiosity and unique personality to further their intellectual, emotional, social and physical development.

Inspired and guided by the Reggio Emilia approach to early education, La Scuola’s preschool program follows a curriculum called Campi di Esperienza or the Five Fields of Experience. The Five Fields of Experience are considered pre-disciplinary educational areas that frame the child’s learning:

  • Il sé e l’altro—oneself and the other (area of communication, personal identity, and socialization);
  • Il corpo in movimento—body in motion, area of movement and knowledge;
  • Immagini, suoni, colori—languages and creativity, area of languages and creativity: music, art, drama, multimedia expression;
  • I discorsi e le parole—verbal language and words, area of oral communication, conversation and words;
  • Conoscenza del mondo ordine, misura, spazio, tempo—natural knowledge of the world: order, measure, space, time, nature, area of logical skills, problem solving, and of space/time/nature awareness.

Immersive Language Instruction

In our immersive bilingual environment, children acquire the ability to understand and communicate in two languages—Italian and English—laying the foundation for greater cognitive function and emotional strength.  The learning of a new language is spontaneous since is related to the children’s everyday experiences. Preschoolers experience and acquire the languages through a variety of activities including  drama, art, music, science, and psychomotor projects that infuse learning and play.

Native Italian and American teachers work collaboratively to expose students to the culture and language of both countries. Classes are intentionally small to provide students with individualized attention in a warm and caring environment.