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Why La Scuola

Parents in New York City have a world of choices when it comes to their children’s education, but only La Scuola d’Italia offers bilingual preschool, elementary, and high school programs that give our students the world. At La Scuola, you will find: 

A bilingual program that teaches children to communicate in English and Italian with clarity, passion, and empathy

A truly holistic, interdisciplinary education that awards both Italian and American diplomas.

An authentically diverse school community with students, teachers, and families who care for one another.

I could not have asked for a better, more welcoming, bilingual education for my children. I believe that they have benefited tremendously from the rich Italian curriculum as well as the personal interaction with their teachers. In an age when bilingualism is becoming recognized for its importance, these kids graduate with Italian, English, French and Latin as well as a highly rated math and science program. La Scuola may be small but it is a jewel!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your students?

La Scuola welcomes families from throughout New York City and the tristate area. Our community also includes international students and families who come to us from Italy and other European countries.

Are most families Italian or Italian speakers?

While some of our students and families are native Italian speakers or have Italian heritage, our community reflects the diversity of backgrounds and ethnicities present in New York City. Students do not need to speak fluent Italian to enroll in the preschool and elementary programs; however in the [middle] and high school, we will conduct a language assessment for each student to determine eligibility.

How much Italian is spoken in school?

Our program is bilingual Italian and English. Both languages are spoken throughout the school day.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes! We are happy to offer tuition assistance for full-time enrollment to families who would not otherwise be able to afford the full cost of a La Scuola education. Tuition assistance is funded by both our operating budget and generous contributions from the La Scuola community and is based on demonstrated need and availability of funds, without regard to race, color, religion, ethnic origin, or disability. Please visit our Tuition and Financial Assistance page to learn more. 

How many students are in each class?

We are pleased to provide families with a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio. Our small class sizes are proven to help students learn faster and perform better. Students at La Scuola receive more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication with teachers. 

Do you have a gym/extracurriculars?

Yes! We offer 28 extracurricular programs. 

Is there an after school program?

Yes. A variety of activities are offered in the after school program for an additional fee. The program may change from year to year depending on the demands and interests of the student body. Pre-school
and Elementary: Creative Movement, Italian Clubs, Art and Crafts, Music and Piano lessons, Italian Homework and English Homework, Chess, Comic Book Writing, Robotics, Theater, Choir. Middle School and Liceo: Soccer, Creative Writing, Theater, Chess Club, Model UN project preparation classes, Art, Cinema and Global Leadership. Complimentary Math, Latin, support classes, Italian Club and Italian homework, English as a Second Language are also offered.

In what grades do you accept new students?

We accept applications for all grades Pre-K through 12th throughout the year. However, those applicants must meet La Scuola d’Italia’s academic requirements.

How old does my child have to be in order to register for preschool/ K/1 st grade?

Students admitted to the Pre-K class must be 3 years old by December 31 st of the school year and toilet trained. Children born in January of the school year and toilet trained may also be admitted, but may
begin attending after the start of school. Students admitted to K must be 5 years old by December 31 st of the school year; students admitted to first grade must be 6 years old by December 31 st of the school year.
Please note that according to Italian Regulations, children turning 6 years by March 31 st may be admitted to first grade only if they have previously completed 3 years of school (2 years of Preschool and 1 year
of Kindergarten).

Is there a sibling policy?

Full tuition is paid for the first child. A 10% discount is applied to the tuition of each additional child.

When is the registration deadline?

There is no specific deadline, but it is suggested to apply as soon as possible after the mid October Open House, in order to allow the school administration to schedule the interviews. La Scuola follows
ISAAGNY guidelines for notification dates to new applicants.

Is there a bus that can pick up/ drop off my child from school?

Public School bus service is available for K-6 th Grade students. There are 2 buses; east side and west side, with assigned stops. For grades K -12th , students are entitled to a full or half fare metro-card
depending on the distance of their home.

Do students have an opportunity to study abroad in the Upper School?

La Scuola offers to Liceo students a summer program of Italian language at the University for Foreigners in Perugia. High school students participate in various Model United Nations projects, in the
US, in Italy and other countries.

What colleges and universities do La Scuola d'Italia graduates attend?

Our graduates attend North America as well as European Union colleges and Universities. In Italy: Universita` Bocconi, Milan, Italy; Universita` LUISS Rome, Italy; John Cabot University, Rome Italy.
In the US: Columbia University, NY; Stony Brook College, NY; University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Harvard University, George Washington University. In the UK: University of Edinburgh, Scotland; King’s College London; London School of Economics.

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Once you have submitted your application, you will be able to schedule a 30-minute virtual interview between the student and division coordinator through the Ravenna portal.

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