Dear friends and families of La Scuola d’Italia,

It has been almost eight months since we welcomed back students for the school year 2020/2021. Despite the ongoing global health emergency and the alarming infection rate in the fall and winter, I am delighted to acknowledge that La Scuola has been able to stay open. All students, parents, faculty, and staff complied with the health guidelines included in the reopening plan for La Scuola. Their commitment allowed us to keep learning in person and organizing webinars, Zoom meetings, and virtual field trips.

On this note, I would like to share with you a report of some of the activities made possible with your help. You can find it here in Italian and English

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you. It is only with your trust and commitment that La Scuola and our students could thrive in such difficult times.

Warm regards,

Maria Palandra, Ph.D.

Head of School

The Bilingual Times November and December issue!

Welcome to the latest issue of La Scuola D’Italia Guglielmo Marconi’s magazine,

The Bilingual Times

This issue covers the months of November and December, months during which our school has been full-time
in-person through a very challenging time. This issue includes new inspiring interviews,a collective article on thelast
Art Basel Miami,a piece about the launch of the new website Bookshop, poems, art and more.

Special thanks toNels Pierce, rich source of inspiration, and Piera Bonerba for her special touch of Christmas art.

For the Italian version clik here 

La Scuola d’Italia Reopening plan

La Scuola is planning to open full time and to simultaneously stream classes for students who cannot attend in person. This means that classroom teachers will teach to students who are present in the classroom, while students at home will synchronously participate in the lessons remotely.

 For those students who are willing and able to participate in class by physically coming to school, all proper precautions and best-practice will be in effect for sufficient distancing and hygiene.

 La Scuola is also prepared for the contingency that the COVID-19 situation could worsen. In this event, the needs of safety of students and adults might dictate that the fall semester would commence with online classes.  These will follow the in-school schedule, although class periods will be of shorter duration in order to limit screen time to what is essential.

 Please find here the preliminary short overview of the extensive reopening plan we are preparing.