Elementary School

International Elementary School

Bilingual Elementary School 

Highly skilled and dedicated teachers engage and nurture students – building their confidence along with their ability.

La Scuola’s bilingual Elementary School (grades 1-5) follows a highly structured curriculum that adheres to the Italian and New York State guidelines. Trans-disciplinary themes and concepts are used so students see connections between literature, history, social studies, geography, and current events. Physical education, art, theater, music, library, French and technology classes round out the curriculum exposing students to a variety of physical and cognitive experiences and giving them an opportunity to explore their own interests and talents.

Italian/English Bilingualism

Students are encouraged to become fluent and expressive, and to communicate effectively in both English and Italian. In our bilingual and multicultural setting, students are exposed to a variety of language experiences. Native Italian and English-speaking teachers work closely to achieve common goals and learning outcomes. Small classes and supplemental language instruction ensure students have the individualized attention and guidance needed to master the two languages.

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