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Delivering an unparalleled private international education for more than 40 years. Balancing top-tier academic rigor while nurturing students to become true global citizens. PreK3 through 12th Grade.

“I want to thank you and LaScuola for providing my son with the highest level of education… The LaScuola teachers have played such an important role in preparing Anthony for college. He made such an impression on his college teachers with what he learned. His English teacher wanted him to major in English so that he could become his TA, and the head of the Italian department quickly scooped him up and next semester he will be the TA for the upper level Italian classes.”

An Education Designed for the Modern World

It’s no secret, especially to parents, that the world has changed significantly in the past year. In uncertain times, La Scuola’s small class sizes and approach to learning stand apart in comparison to other educational options.

Small Class Sizes

Individualized Attention + Online Learning: Our small class sizes (no more than 15 per class) allow us to give your child  more individualized attention, even if we  are in a situation where we have to teach  online through video call. Not only can we  spend more time with your child in class,  but because of our small class sizes, our  teachers are able to offer office hours to  children who need additional assistance.  


Empathy: In receiving a bilingual education, our students become more understanding and thoughtful about different cultures, experiences, and approaches to life. We believe in building leaders who are truly global citizens.

Student Body: We proudly welcome families from Italy and other countries around the world with locals from New York City at La Scuola. Your child will learn about the benefits of diverse cultures from a young age!

OUR Curriculum

Rooted in the Best Italian, European and American Traditions

All students follow the same rigorous STEM-oriented, college preparatory curriculum. Rooted in the best Italian, European and American traditions, all students engage in the study of Mathematics—up to and including Calculus— Chemistry, Biology and Physics, as well as English, Italian, Latin, and French Language and Literature, History, Philosophy and Visual Arts.

La Scuola is notable for its strong humanist foundation, international perspective, and language immersion. Curricular intersections are intended to help students recognize and understand the interconnectedness of the subjects they study and is the underlying rationale behind the sequencing of courses.

Students receive a comprehensive, multicultural and multidisciplinary education—developing the international understanding and openness needed to become principled and productive participants in a global society. The substantive academic content and extra-curricular offerings provide intellectual stimulation, promote personal growth, and encourage creativity and innovation.

Units of Study Required

4 years of Italian Language and Literature 

4 years of Latin Language and Literature 

4 years of English Language and Literature 

4 years of French Language and Literature 

4 years of World History

4 years of Science: Biology, Chemistry & Earth Science

4 years of Math: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry & Calculus

4 years of Technical Drawing and History of Art

4 years of Physical Education

3 years of Philosophy

3 Years of Physics

2 Years of United States History

1 year of Geography

1 year of Economics

1 year of Government and Civics

the big question

What Are the Benefits of a Bilingual Education?

La Scuola d’Italia’s Preschool and Kindergarten classes offer an immersive, bilingual education with classes taught in both English and Italian. Students are also taught French as a third language.

No Italian language background is necessary to attend La Scuola, but the psychological and social benefits of learning multiple languages in depth are countless for developing children!

Benefit #1: Accelerated Cognitive Development

Children who learn to express themselves in more than one language develop stronger critical thinking skills than their monolingual counterparts. Studies even suggest that children who speak multiple languages have more advanced neural pathways and connections. Yes, learning multiple languages at a young cage can actually change your brain’s physiology!

Benefit #2: Creativity and Openness

Students who speak more than one language fluently are often more creative
in expressing their thoughts and feelings. Further, understanding the importance of different languages fosters empathy in children who are then more willing and able to relate to different types of people as they grow older.

Benefit #3: Academic and Career Success

Children who learn multiple languages at a young age typically go on to easily pick up additional linguistic skills. This helps them stand out when applying for high school, college, and graduate school. Bilingualism can also benefit them later in their careers.

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

– Frank Smith

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