Model UN

Model UN Program                 

The Model UN Program is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and other multilateral bodies. The Program introduces students to the world of strategy, diplomacy and decision making on main political issues and challenges to human progress.

Our Model UN has three main objectives.

First, and most importantly, the Program aims to expose participating students to the significant challenges that governmental decision-makers have to confront in the United Nations system and domestically. Thus, crucial issue areas such as the promotion of sustainable development, the maintenance of international peace and security, the protection of human rights, the deliverance of humanitarian aid and country study analysis, are examined critically by an academic instructor with thirty years of multidisciplinary, multicultural, and multilingual university teaching experience. The central idea is to impart knowledge that is necessary to succeed in any course of study and professional career path for a student body that by its nature and aspirations is internationally oriented.

Second, on the basis of this knowledge, students are helped to improve their capability to communicate complex ideas and engage in effective debates.

Third, students will be helped to prepare for the MUN conferences, where they are assigned a UN member country and a committee from the school that hosts the conference, along with particular issues from today’s headlines to be addressed. In the past students from La Scuola have participated in MUN conferences in 3 different continents – Europe, America and Asia. Two of our experienced educators work along our global university consultant to achieve the second and third objectives.­­­­

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