Music Program

Music Program         

La Scuola’s Music program promotes the practice, understanding and enjoyment of music, offering a broad array of educational opportunities with specialization in many instruments, performances, musicology, lectures, workshops and master classes.

The curricular program (grades 1-8) is a highly structured curriculum that adheres to the Italian and New York State guidelines. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to music education that includes general music, history of music, violin piano, guitar, flute, and chamber music. Students are exposed to a variety of musical repertoires and techniques and encouraged to become fluent and expressive and to communicate effectively through their music, both individually and in small groups. Music activities include lectures and workshops (grades 6-12) on the influence of music on society and is supplemented by student performances, concert series, guest artist performers, and other musical events.

Building on its curricular program, La Scuola offers an extra-curricular music program called “Music Courses at La Scuola” (grades 1-12). This optional program enables students to qualify and individualize a professional program focused on one instrument (e.g. piano, flute, violin, guitar, voice and other instruments). These master courses enable students to study music at La Scuola as they would in a dedicated music school – with selected music faculty members focused on teaching advanced programs to our students (even in beginners, intermediate or advanced levels).

La Scuola d’Italia is proud to have highly-regarded music faculty artists led by Stefano Miceli, Music Department Director and Master Teacher.

For more information, please contact Stefano Miceli at smiceli@lascuoladitalia.org.

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