School Library

School Library     

La Scuola’s library staff serve as active partners in the curricular and co-curricular life of the school.

La Scuola d’Italia can boast a rich school library with sections dedicated to all school grades.

Preschool and Elementary School

The library staff work closely with faculty to develop students’ early literacy, reading and research skills. Building on the Reggio Emilia Approach of La Scuola’s Preschool programs, preschool and elementary students are introduced to different literary forms and information sources to instill a love of language and literature, and to foster their natural intellectual curiosity. First and second grade students visit the library bi-weekly to build an enthusiasm for reading and a zeal for learning through practice and play. Third grade through fifth grade students are introduced to different literary genres and basic library and research skills.

Middle and High School

Middle and high school students are encouraged to continue developing their reading skills for greater comprehension and language acquisition, as well as pursuing their own literary interests. In seventh through twelfth grades, the library staff collaborate with faculty members to develop students’ research, writing, and presentation skills. Integrated into the curriculum, the aim of the library instruction program is to help students gain the skills needed to:

  • Find, evaluate, and synthesize existing knowledge from multiple disciplines and different perspectives;
  • Construct new knowledge through appropriate inquiry;
  • Express their ideas and share their knowledge ethically and respectfully.

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