La Scuola d’Italia Guglielmo Marconi (La Scuola) is a bilingual Italian school based in New York City. The mission of the school is:

a) To provide an outstanding bilingual education firmly rooted in the best Italian, European, and American traditions for internationally oriented studies.

b) Award degrees to students who satisfy its rigorous academic requirements.

La Scuola affirms the importance of the Western canon and its historic, literary, and philosophical continuum, one of whose leading incubators, since Roman times, has been Italy.

Academic programs shall be designed to use to the fullest extent the special resources of a highly skilled multi-cultural faculty, an international student body, and the extraordinarily rich culture and history of Italy, the United States and New York City. Cultivating students’ minds, supplying them with a substantial fund of knowledge, and providing them with the basis for making sound ethical judgments, remain the foundations of the school mission and philosophy.

La Scuola pledges:

  • To educate the whole human being, in a healthy and balanced manner;
  • To espouse a fundamental commitment to high academic achievement and the development of social responsibility;
  • To provide a broad spectrum of enrichment activities which draws on the inherent talents of the international student body;
  • To develop courses, seminars, and other programs that instill an eagerness to embrace the challenges of a more global future;
  • To develop in its charges the skills and the learning habits that will make it possible for students to advance in their educational careers and beyond with maximum preparedness;
  • To produce graduates who are sought after by the top American and international colleges and universities;
  • To create an academic community that fosters intellectual pursuit freely and openly;
  • To emphasize virtue, as in the classical Greek understanding of arête, as the goal of life’s and education’s undertakings;
  • To work in partnership with parents in an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and open communication;
  • To provide a physical environment that invites teaching and learning and that encourages excellence in both faculty and students;
  • To promote and support a sound financial environment;
  • To engage the international community in New York and in Europe to support La Scuola;
  • To conduct its affairs with the utmost ethical and moral probity.

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