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About la scuola

Who We Are

Delivering an unparalleled private international education for more than 40 years. Balancing top-tier academic rigor while nurturing students to become true global citizens. PreK3 through 12th Grade.

About La Scuola

La Scuola is a bilingual school in New York City where children in preschool through high school are immersed not only in both English and Italian, but also in the history and cultures that have influenced and inspired the world. We start small—literally— with an experiential, Reggio-inspired early childhood program. By the time they graduate high school, students speak fluent Italian and English, earn dual diplomas from both the U.S. and Italy, and are uniquely poised to study and succeed throughout the world.

Families who choose La Scuola for their children are looking for a rich and challenging bilingual curriculum, joyful learning experience; and close connections with an international community that shares their values.


Classrooms Extending Beyond Our Walls

La Scuola d’Italia New York is located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, which gives our students access to some of the world’s greatest cultural, educational and recreational resources. Students enjoy P.E. classes in Central Park, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art for history and art lessons, experience music at the Metropolitan Opera and New York City Ballet, and more.

Students at La Scuola hail from neighborhoods throughout New York City and the surrounding communities. They travel to school on foot and scooter; by subway and bus; and even occasionally by ferry. La Scuola’s mission is to educate students who are able to bridge languages and cultures, and our international community and dynamic location are vital aspects of fulfilling that mission.


Immersive Bilingual Education Begins and Culminates with La Scuola

As the only preK-12 Italian/English school in North America, La Scuola offers unmatched curricula and programs. Students are immersed in both English and Italian throughout the school day, with lessons conducted in both languages in equal measure. All students benefit from our STEM-oriented, college preparatory instruction, featuring mathematics (up to and including calculus), the sciences (chemistry, biology, and physics), language and literature (not just English and Italian but also Latin and French), history, philosophy, and visual arts. 


Why la scuola d'italia

Choose La Scuola If You Want Your Chilren To:


Be prepared for the wide range of educational and career challenges that they will confront in the future.


Dramatically improve their ability to speak and write in the English and Italian languages.


Have a broad multidisciplinary, multicultural, and multilingual learning experience in the most global city in the world.


Be educated at a globally-oriented school which offers a strong foundation in liberal arts, mathematics and science as well as an in-depth study and appreciation of the American, European, and Italian cultures, economies, and societies.


Experience an education at all grade levels that promotes critical thinking as well as creative and social skills.


Be taught by caring and knowledgeable teachers who offer high levels of individualized attention in small class size settings.



What Parents are Saying

If your child is smart, curious, and willing to take on a challenge, they will reap the rewards of this unique program. Colleges take notice. A strong foundation of two languages is a special gift that a student will have for life.

The faculty is caring, enthusiastic and very attentive to each and every need of the kids. The bilingual education (with French as a third language) is an incredible plus, and also for an American student it is a great privilege to read immortal authors in their own languages, English, Italian, French or Latin. The International Baccalaureate Diploma is a great opportunity for kids to challenge themselves (and La Scuola is among the very few schools in NYC to offer it!)

It is increasingly popular to put an ‘International’ label on a curriculum, but it is not easy to give it substance. This school does. … The community is International and diverse. The school accommodates the needs of students who are not yet proficient in English or Italian, providing support programs through which they gradually become fluent.

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